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The Top Tips for Saving Money On Energy Bills

The Top Tips for Saving Money On Energy BillsThere are many homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses. One way to do that is to target energy bills and expenditures. Homeowners might be able to make a few changes and upgrades to their homes, which could reduce utility bills and improve energy efficiency. What are a few ways to do exactly that?

Consider Making The Switch To LED Lights

One of the first changes homeowners might want to make is to switch to LED lights. LED lights are newer lights that can last many times longer than traditional lightbulbs. It is not unusual for homeowners to save $75 per year on energy costs by switching older incandescent lightbulbs to LED bulbs. Talk to a local contractor or professional about some of the top LED bulbs available today.

Seal Leaks Around Doors And Windows Throughout The Home

Heating and cooling expenses are some of the biggest energy expenditures that people have. By sealing a few leaks throughout the home, it is possible to save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. There are small leaks that could be present around the doors and windows. By sealing these leaks using caulk, homeowners can trap heat and air conditioning in the home, removing stress from the HVAC unit. Homeowners should also consider sealing leaks around lighting and chimneys.

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

It is also possible for homeowners to save money by investing in a smart thermostat. Homeowners should consider using this thermostat to reduce the amount of work performed by the HVAC unit when people are at work or asleep. That way, the heating and cooling system doesn’t work as hard when people aren’t home (or are asleep).

Perform Routine Maintenance On Time

Finally, homeowners need to make sure they perform routine maintenance on their HVAC systems on time to reduce energy expenses. For example, the filters might get clogged, forcing the HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool parts of the home. By investing in maintenance, the HVAC system will operate at peak efficiency, which will reduce energy bills. This will also extend the life of the HVAC system efficiency, which might allow homeowners to put off replacing it.

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